How a successful home purchase is like your favorite cocktail

by Jan 13, 2024

Have you ever wondered why you can order the same cocktail from several bartenders, and none of them taste the same? Even when it’s something as simple as scotch and water or gin and tonic, the end result varies from bartender to bartender. There are many factors that affect the way you feel about your cocktail. The bartender’s experience, whether they follow the recipe correctly, the tools they use, even the environment you’re in can impact the outcome. See how a successful home purchase might be like your favorite cocktail?

What elements are included in your favorite cocktail and in a successful home purchase?

For your cocktail experience to be successful, you need five elements to be right: the recipe, the bartender, the tools, the environment and the ingredients. The same is true for a successful home buying experience.

The Recipe

Your Favorite Cocktail

The right combination of ingredients in the right quantities, prepared properly

Your Successful Home Purchase

Clear, managed expectations for price and amenities

The Professional

Your Favorite Cocktail

A trained, creative bartender who understands your cocktail and your preferences

Your Successful Home Purchase

An experienced, professional Realtor® who understands your needs and your market

The Tools

Your Favorite Cocktail

The right mixing tools, good-quality ice,  and the proper glass

Your Successful Home Purchase

Information from MLS and mortgage brokers about the homes you’re interested in purchasing

The Environment

Your Favorite Cocktail

A great location – either home or away – where you can relax with friends or family

Your Successful Home Purchase

The right neighborhood with great schools near all the amenities you love

The Ingredients

Your Favorite Cocktail

High-quality spirits, mixers and garnishes that are better combined than alone

Your Successful Home Purchase

House systems like HVAC, electrical and plumbing that function properly and safely

 With all these elements in place, you’re on your way to an enjoyable cocktail and a fabulous home purchase.

But, how do you know all the elements are going to work successfully? If you choose the right bartender, he or she will know the recipe, have set a great ambiance and have the right tools on hand. The same goes for home buying. The right professional Realtor® will help you set clear expectations, give you the information you need and help you find the best neighborhood.

How do you know you have great ingredients for a successful home purchase?

When a bartender creates a great cocktail, they use their experience to select the highest-quality ingredients that keep the cocktail affordable. In a home purchase, you can rely on the services of an experienced professional home inspector to help ensure your future home’s “ingredients” are functioning safely and properly.

While a home inspector does not check for code compliance, an experienced home inspector will have a good understanding of local building codes. While inspecting the functionality and safety of a house’s systems and components, they will likely notice if something is out of compliance with a code.

When you tour the house with your Realtor®, you are primarily thinking about livability, aesthetics, and the like. Even if your thoughts turn to the condition of the systems and components, it’s unlikely you or your Realtor® have the training or expertise to identify defects or safety issues. Like a good bartender, a licensed home inspector has the expertise to identify issues with those ingredients.

How to Find the Right Home Inspector

So, how do you find the right inspector? Like with bartenders, referrals from family, friends, coworkers, and trusted professionals, including your Realtor®, are invaluable. Google reviews, which will show you the good and the bad, are another great resource.

Once you’ve got a list of potential home inspectors, it’s your turn to play inspector and vet the candidates. Interview each one in person or by phone. What should you look for? Starting with your first phone call, you will have a good idea about the inspector’s “bedside manner” and communication skills. Here are some topics you should investigate during the interview.

Find out about the home inspector’s experience.

Investigate ⇒

    Find out the number of years they have been doing home inspections
  • Ask about the number of inspections they have performed.
  • Inquire about their commitment to meet or exceed continuing education requirements.

Learn about what to expect at the inspection.

Investigate ⇒

  • How long do they think the inspection will take (longer is better)?
  • They should encourage you to follow along and ask questions during the inspection.
  • Ask for a sample of their completed home inspection report. (Click here to see ours.)
  • Ask them if they will give you a recap on the spot at the end of the inspection.

Find out what additional services they offer beyond the inspection to help ensure a successful home purchase.

Investigate ⇒

  • Do they offer any of the following?
  • – Radon testing
  • – Mold testing
  • – Sewer scope
  • – Chimney inspection
  • – Pest control inspection 
  • If not, they should be able to provide referrals to trusted colleagues.

Ask about pricing. Just like bartenders, all home inspectors are not the same.

Investigate ⇒

You may be tempted to go with the lowest price, but read the reviews—especially about the thoroughness of both the inspection and the report.

Be prepared to get what you pay for. That doesn’t mean you need to choose the most expensive inspector either. Just remember to let more than cost be the driving factor in your decision.

enjoy youyr cocktail

The Results of a Successful Home Purchase

If you have chosen your inspector wisely, you will come away from the inspection with a good understanding of the “ingredients” of the house you are hoping to purchase. A professional home inspection will result in a detailed report that includes any areas of serious concern. You now also possess information to share with your Realtor® and attorney, which may provide an opportunity for negotiations with the seller. Even if that isn’t the case, at the very least you are going into the purchase as well-informed as possible.

Hopefully, when it’s all said and done, you’ll be enjoying a fabulous cocktail knowing your new home is as safe and sound as it can be. Cheers!


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