Resources Beyond the Inspection

Information and Links Designed to Help With Everything in the House


We can’t believe how much homeowner and home buyer information you can find on the internet these days! Our ASHI-certified home inspector, Mike Stephans, sifts through the clutter for you. We’ve included some of his favorite resources in the links below. And, don’t forget, our Inspector Insider Blog has tons of home owner and home buyer tips and tricks.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers information to protect your family from the dangers of lead in drinking water and asbestos.

If your home has a fireplace, review this general safety information. You can also find guidelines for what NOT to burn in your fireplace or wood stove. Chimney Safety Institute of America videos also provides firewood tips and information on creosote.

Questions about Radon? Check out this Illinois-specific guide to what you need to know about this cancer-causing substance.

Foundation cracks are a common occurrence in our area. Read this post to learn more about what causes cracks in your foundation and how they’re repaired.


All smoke detectors are not alike. Learn the basics from the National Fire Protection Association. Then, review the pros and cons of ionization versus photoelectric models.

The NFPA also provides information on carbon monoxide detectors. Every home should have one!

Proper dryer venting will help prevent one of the biggest causes of home fires.

Vinyl siding does more than make your house look good. Watch this video to learn about solar reflection and heat distortion.

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