What to Expect from a Home Inspection Report

Learn more and view a sample report from 3-D Home Inspection.

Most home buyers and sellers know the value of a high-quality home inspection report. A thorough report will point out expensive system failures or serious safety concerns before they happen. But how do you know a specific home inspector’s report is thorough? Take a look at a sample of our report below and read on to learn more.

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Sample 3-D Home Inspection Report

State of Illinois Requirements for Home Inspection Reports

The Illinois General Assembly has set minimum requirements for home inspection reports. You can find a list of those requirements in PART 1410 HOME INSPECTOR LICENSE ACT, SECTION 1410.200 STANDARDS OF PRACTICE. Basically, a good report should do the following:

    • Describe the systems and components that were inspected;
    • Report on those systems and components inspected that, in the opinion of the inspector, are significantly deficient. That description should include:
      1. A reason why the system or component is significantly deficient.
      2. A recommendation of whether the reported deficiency should be corrected or monitored.
      3. Disclosure of any systems or components designated for inspection that were present at the time of the home inspection but were not inspected with a reason why they were not inspected.

What You Can Do

First: Request a Sample Home Inspection Report

Before you hire a home inspector, be sure to take a look at a sample of his or her report. Click the report image on this page to see a sample of ours. If you’d like to see it larger, click the expand symbol or download your copy here.

Make sure the prospective inspector’s report contains the state-required elements. Also, check to see whether it covers the things you’re concerned about.

Second: Look for Helpful Tips

A good report will do more than point out issues with a home. The best home inspector will help you learn more about a home. His or her home inspection report will talk about the workings of the house. It may even give you advice for maintenance on that home.

Third: Ask the Inspector

If you don’t see what you want in the sample report, ask the prospective inspector about it. He or she should let you know whether your concern is something they inspect and report on. (In some cases, inspectors can’t inspect the element safely.) If it’s something that’s not included in the standard inspection, ask if the inspector can include it for an additional charge.

A high-quality home inspection report is the hallmark of a high-quality home inspector. The home inspection is only helpful if you understand the findings. Contact us today to learn how we help home buyers and sellers go to contract with confidence.

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