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Inspecting for What You Don’t Expect

How 3-D Delivers the Unexpected

Buyers and owners look at homes in terms of livability. 3-D owner and certified home inspection professional, Mike Stephans, looks at homes for functionality and safety. An Illinois-licensed home inspector since 2005, Mike has seen a lot. He knows it’s important to Inspect for What You Don’t Expect.

A home inspection is more than simply walking through a house to see what works and what doesn’t. Mike will inform and educate you. He’ll help you make smarter decisions about buying or selling your home. 3-D delivers a prompt, thorough, and professional home inspection at a reasonable price.

We’re now offering three additional home inspection tests to help bring you peace of mind:

  • Worried about mold? 3-D can test for mold issues as an add-on to your inspection.
  • Are you concerned about sewer line blockage? Ask about our sewer scope testing. You’ll be able to see for yourself whether sewer lines are clear. We offer sewer scope testing as an add-on service.
  • Radon can be a real problem in our area. Our experienced home inspection professional can now test your home for radon issues. Contact us for pricing.

Our 3-D Pledge


We pledge to maintain the highest home inspector industry standard in all home inspections. We do this through continuing education and self-improvement and by building and maintaining professional relationships. Above all we have an uncompromising commitment to integrity in all dealings.


Our job isn’t done until it’s done right. Before we call an inspection complete, we ensure you are fully-educated about the condition of the home and its components. Attention to detail and clear communication guarantee that we accomplish a 3-D Home Inspection exactly as promised, every time.


Your experiences with other companies may lead you to believe that good customer service is obsolete. Not so at    3-D Home Inspection. We treat everyone as we would like to be treated — with respect and prompt professionalism. We promise to do what we say we’ll do, and when we say we’ll do it.


How to Inspect a Home Inspector

A reputable home inspection professional will be happy to provide answers to the following important questions.

What's covered in your inspection?
  • In the initial call, make sure the inspector clearly identifies areas covered.
  • If you have areas of concern, identify them at that time.
  • There are several areas most inspectors do not include in their standard inspection.
    • mold
    • asbestos
    • indoor air quality
    • or water quality
    • well & septic
    • appliances
    • home performance
    • radon.
  • For more information on our home inspection process, visit our page What to Expect When We’re Inspecting.
Are you licensed in the state of Illinois?
How many years have you been in business? How many inspections have you done?
  • A newer home inspector may not catch subtle issues or concerns.
  • In addition to these stats, a home inspector should provide client and Realtor® references.
Are you specially trained in home inspection? What about continuing education?
  • Home inspectors must complete approved training for state licensing.
  • Re-licensing requires annual minimum continuing education. A reputable inspector will meet or exceed these requirements. 
  • Also ask about additional certifications or specialized credentials.
May I attend the inspection?
  • A reputable home inspection professional should always encourage you to attend the inspection. If he or she does not, consider that a red flag.
  • Never pass up this opportunity to see the home through the eyes of an expert.
How long will the home inspection take?
  • A detailed inspection should take two to three hours for a typical single-family home.
  • Many factors could lengthen the inspection. But a shorter estimate may be due to a lack of thoroughness.
  • Visit our What to Expect When We’re Inspecting page to learn more about 3-D’s home inspections.
What type of report do you provide? When will I get it?
  • Most home inspection professionals provide their full report electronically within one business day of the inspection.
  • Before signing a contract, make sure the home inspection and report can be completed within the time frame of your contract.
  • To see a sample of 3-D’s home inspection report, click here.
May I contact you after the inspection with any questions or concerns?
  • A quality independent home inspector will be available to answer your post-inspection questions. He or she should deal with you directly if you have any concerns or claims.

Mike Stephans, ACI | Owner + President | Home Inspection Professional

Mike Stephans, ACI, CRT
Owner and President
3-D Home Inspection, Inc.

About Mike Stephans

3-D’s Home Inspection Professional

ASHI Certified Home Inspection Professional

American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)-Certified
With a 98% Customer Satisfaction Rating


Certified Residential Thermographer

Certified Residential Thermographer


Certified NADRA Inspector

North American Deck and Railing Association Affiliate


Northern Illinois Chapter ASHI Certified

2012 Northern Illinois Chapter ASHI President’s Award

Northern Illinois Chapter ASHI Board Member since 2011

2010 Northern Illinois Chapter ASHI Associate of the Year

Illinois Inspector License #450-002256

Illinois Entity License #451-000548

3-D Home Inspection is now licensed to perform residential radon testing.

HOME BUYERS: Find out whether your new home has radon leaks by adding a test to your home inspection.

HOME OWNERS: 3-D Home Inspection can also test your home as a stand-alone service.

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