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Batavia IL Home Inspector, Mike Stephans, shares his point of view

All houses contain a complex set of systems. No matter how old your house is, it can have undetected issues. That’s why home inspectors like 3-D’s Mike Stephans can help home buyers, home sellers and even existing homeowners rest easy. Even if your Batavia home is brand new, it can have hidden issues. A certified home inspection in Batavia IL is an objective examination of the structure and systems of a house from foundation to roof. At 3-D Home Inspection, we call it “inspecting for what you don’t expect.” It’s easy to see how home owners, home sellers and home buyers could benefit from an inspection by 3-D’s experienced home inspector in Batavia.

Why is a qualified home inspection in Batavia important?

Some Batavia homes date back to the beginning of our town’s history. Others are in subdivisions built in the mid- to late-1900s. Whether they own a stately older home or a newly constructed one, proper home maintenance is important to Batavians. But even the most conscientious homeowners miss hidden issues – issues 3-D’s experienced, qualified home inspector can identify. How do you know your home inspector is qualified? The US Department of Housing and Urban Development published this list of questions you should ask a Batavia IL home inspector before you hire him or her.

So, how do home buyers, home sellers and home owners benefit from a thorough home inspection? Scroll down to learn more about how an experienced home inspector can help home owners, sellers and buyers.

Benefits for Home Buyers in Batavia

Smart home buyers do their research. It’s a huge investment! You check out property taxes, school districts, parks and safety of each community you consider. But what about the home itself? It makes sense to learn as much as you can about the property itself before you buy it.

Above all, a detailed home inspection will help you negotiate the best price. A 3-D home inspection in Batavia IL is also an investment in the future. It can help you minimize surprises and problems later on.

A well-done home inspection doesn’t just point out flaws. Our home inspector will also point out the positive aspects of a home. When he has finished, you’ll have clear understanding of the property you’re hoping to purchase.

Benefits for Batavia Home Sellers

Are you selling your home in Batavia IL? A pre-listing home inspection from 3-D Home Inspection can help you see your home through the eyes of a critical third-party. You’ll be know about any needed repairs. And you’ll be able to make them ahead of time, at your own pace. Knowing the state of your home will help eliminate surprises at the negotiating table.

A Batavia IL home inspection may also help prospective buyers feel more comfortable about making an offer on your home. You’ll be able to provide supporting documentation in your disclosure statement, thus reducing your liability. Plus, you can address any safety issues before agents and visitors tour your home.

Benefits for Batavia Home Owners

So you’re not planning to move anytime soon. We can still help! A 3-D home inspection is great way to find hidden or brewing problems in your house, even if you’re not selling yet. Our experienced Batavia IL home inspector will make let you know about ways to help you avoid costly future repairs.

A comprehensive home inspection can save you time and money. One way to find out if your house systems are operating well is to hire contractors for each system to do an inspection. Instead, you can get your Batavia home inspected by 3-D Home Inspection. You’ll only pay one fee to an unbiased, licensed professional with nothing to gain by identifying repairs or maintenance issues.

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Why You Should Call 3-D for Home Inspection in Batavia, Illinois

3-D’s home inspector, Mike Stephans, has been an Illinois-licensed home inspector since 2005. Mike has seen a lot. He knows how important it is to Inspect for What You Don’t Expect.

A home inspection is more than walking through a house to see what works and what doesn’t. While some inspectors simply report on defects, Mike will inform and educate you. Armed with a Batavia home inspection report from 3-D Home Inspection, you can make more informed decisions about buying or selling a house. 3-D delivers a prompt, thorough, and professional home inspection at a reasonable price.

In addition to normal home inspection tests, we now offer these additional services

  • Mold or radon can be a problem in any Batavia home of any age. We can add mold and radon testing to your home inspection for a nominal fee.
  • Are you concerned about sewer line blockage? 3-D can perform sewer scope testing as an add-on to your Batavia IL home inspection. You’ll see what’s blocking your lines and know what needs to be done to fix it.

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